Fabrique spreekt…!

Fabrique’s Jeroen van Erp en Jeroen van Geel zijn de komende dagen als gastspreker te vinden op verschillende internationale events.

Jeroen van Geel spreekt zaterdag 4 februari op Interaction 12 in Dublin/Ierland over ‘Aristotle’s Storytelling Framework for the Web’.
“Storytelling is a very powerful way of bringing a message across. When done right it’s a way of engaging the audience and guiding them into the world you create. And it’s this powerful thing that’s been used in the creation of books, movies, music and theatre. But now it’s time to turn this knowledge into something we as designers can use to create engaging websites.”
Programma Interaction 12

Jeroen van Erp is dinsdag 7 februari te gast bij The Branding Conference in Athene/Griekenland. Hij houdt een presentatie over ‘Marketing, design and the power of innovation’.
“The internet is rapidly changing the world. To stay in the lead, it is becoming increasingly important to develop products with a strong, targeted and distinctive character. This character, driven by the brand, covers much more than just the outside and relates to the total experience of a product. It enhances not only the brand or communication but also the intrinsic value of the product. Good and targeted design is of vital importance for as well the product itself as the storytelling component. This can only be achieved by an innovation process through an integrated approach. It leads to new, distinctive and appealing product experiences. Do not hesitate, innovate!
Programma The Branding Conference